SIRENE intervenes in the definition of the Marketing (management of the web sites, communications tools, participations to shows and implementation of a global coherent strategy), the Management (optimize and harmonize the organization of the structures in a constant desire of development) and the Finances.

As a conductor dedicated to computing’s professional

SIRENE manage the assets of every structure to develop them and remove indicators from it for the future projects, always watchfull on the new opportunities and the trends of the original business environment of the managers: the industrial computing, SIRENE tries to detecte sectors or « niches » able to become businesses.

The positive futur conditions

Thanks to a strong capital base, SIRENE perpetuate the projects undertaken by each subsidiaries by garanteeing a precise follow up of every file on each structure. With a 12 million euro consolidated turnover in 2014, SIRENE reach 13.4 millions in 2015.

2015 : Under the sign of a human being development

to support the growth of each subsidiary,  SIRENE sets up over 2015 an important recruitment plan, the jobs concern every service of each structure : Motion designer, production, supports, salesmen (Lyon, Ile de France, Benelux…), IT specialists…

Work with the best

For partners, SIRENE always select, for its divisions, reliable and long-lasting leaders able to support SIRENE on the long term.

Some data
Workforce Group53
Consolidated Shareholders' Funds+5 M€
CA Group 2017+ 12.6 M€

Through its various structures, SIRENE works with about 4000 customers and has realized thousand of implementations in France.

« We are not listed on the stock exchange, we have no subsidies and we refuse to be financed by the tax credit, but our subsidiairies win every day additional markets » – Jean François LESEIN, SIRENE CEO