We are totally dedicated to our customers. our precise work, our innovation will, the reliability of our products & services and our integrity are the fondations of our relationship with our clients and partners.More...


We are responsible for one’s actions and try to anticipate them. We focus on the quality of our products & services as well as the work condictions. We try to innovate each day to maintain our competitive advantage.More...


We work with our clients in honesty & transparency in the manufacturing process as well as in the sales relationship. We try to simplify our process and organisation to improve the cooperation between our clients, our partners and us..More...
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Our goal

We wish to be a reliable partner for our subsidiaries and for our clients to develop innovative, to quality and long lasting solutions, adapted to their needs. We have to visualize the trends and the future developments to determine the orientations of the group and bring it in the future.

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