IPOView, specialist in Digital Signage solutions

Create, manage and broadcast your information in real time. IPOView helps you with global offers corresponding to your specific requirements.

Specific solutions

Whether it is for the reception of a company, on a production line, in the cafeteria of a University or for a mall center customers, IPOView, thanks to its expertise and its skills, propose complete and personalized Digital signage solutions. We follow you from the recommendation until the installation, the management of the material, the creation of the contents, the training and the broadcasting, we can also provide you a reliable Hot line service.

The IPOView choice

We offer you a wide range of material and solution to personnalize your solution :

  • Digital Signage specific software adapted to your project
  • Wide range of equipment : Panels PC, touch screen, totems…
  • Services : Hot Line, training, installation, after sales service…
  • Specific web application creation, templates…
  • Financial rent global package

Contact us

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IPOView 84 Avenue des Bruyères – F-69 150 Décines Charpieu Tel : +33 (0)4 72 33 61 50 – Fax : +33 (0)4 72 33 60 32 [email protected] Web site : www.ipoview.com

IPOView is a precious partner for Digital Signage solution

able to propose material, sofware and tools in one structure with an important product certification and a real know-how.

The IPOView specific solutions

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